(May be split if deemed there are two qualified students)


Bursaries totaling $1000.00 will be presented by the Merritt Volleyball Association to a graduate/graduates of Merritt Secondary School proceeding to further his/her education at any recognized University, College, or Technical School.  Preference will be given to a student active in volleyball, particularly if that student has been involved with MVA activities.


  • The applicant must be planning to attend a post-secondary institution and must be able to provide proof of registration.
    • The applicant must have participated in some form of organized sport in the past four years, (with priority being given to those applicants who have played volleyball in some organized form).  This would include school, league or club
  • Points system:

0=Did not play sports   1= Played any sport   2=Played volleyball

    • The recipient must have a history of volunteering in the Merritt Community.  First priority will be given to the recipient who has volunteered in any form (coaching, organizing, and set up, etc.) for the volleyball programs in Merritt.
  • Points system:

1= Any volunteering   2=Volunteering with sports   3=Volunteering with volleyball

  • The bursary must be used within 18 months of graduation.

Applications must be received at least 1 month prior to graduation.

Applications can be emailed to

**Merritt Volleyball Association will select the recipient(s)**