After more than twenty years of Volleyfest, we are still always thinking of ways to make the tournament better each year. We know some ideas turn out great while others don’t turn as well. That will always be part of the process to make Volleyfest great!

In the box below, please spend a few minutes on the following ideas we are currently looking at for next year. Your input will be appreciated!

  1. Each year, we have teams who wish they could play more teams in Volleyfest.
    The current format is as follows: (For Friday and Saturday games only). Your team plays 3 sets (“games”) against three different teams (for a total of 9 sets or “games” played). Each match is 60 mins (10 mins for warmup) and you play up to 25 for all 3 sets or until the timer runs out.
  2. A new format we are looking at is as follows:
    Your team plays 1 set against 9 different teams (still a total of 9 sets or “games” played). Each set would be 25 mins (5 mins for warmup) and you play one set to 25 or until the timer runs out. This way you are still playing your 9 games but you will be playing many different teams.
    Note: If there are not enough teams in your division to play the 9 games, you’ll end up playing a team again in the schedule. The playoffs on Sunday would be the regular best 2 out of 3. The first two games are to 25 and third game would be to 15. Teams must have 3 guys and 3 ladies to play in Mixed. Currently, your team needs 4 guys and 2 ladies.
  3. No refs for games on Saturday. Leave it up to teams to make their own calls. There would be refs for playoffs on Sunday.
  4. Changes we can make to the Social, what did you think of this years meal options?
  5. We are looking at having team captains “sign off” on scorecards after each game to ensure the scores are recorded correctly, do you think this would be beneficial?
  6. What do you think about having returning teams that have done well the previous year “move up” a division? This is always a suggestion I have in order to play better Volleyball…but it doesn’t seem widely popular?
  7. Thoughts on “voting” for a Most Sportsmanlike Team..
  8. Anything about Volleyfest you particularily liked/disliked?
  9. Any other changed you can think of that we can make to make next year’s VOLLEYFEST even better?

Please give us any other feedback you may have regarding our tournament and we’ll use your comments for planning Volleyfest 2019. Thank You!